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Innovative Technology

BIG specializes in innovation! Let us help you create a startup culture inside of your Credit Union or CUSO.


Digital Strategy

Digital is not a product but a discipline. Let BiG help you define a digital strategy for your credit union that aligns with your current business strategy.



BIG consulting is designed to leverage our 30 years combined industry experience in digital presence to help you determine the best vendor, the best approach and the best design for any given feature or functionality.



Our team has over 30 years of custom development and core integration experience with the Credit Union and Financial Industry.

Does Your Credit Union Have ‘Phase Two Syndrome’ ?

What digital strategy is all about

BIG Digital Strategy Services

The BIG Digital Analysis package is an evaluation of your credit union’s Web offerings, mobile apps, people, processes, technology and culture in order to create a Digital Strategy Plan and Digital Roadmap for your organization to maximize its digital footprint. BIG will deliver the following documentation based on the meetings, interviews, documentation review and competitive and UX analyses:

The Digital Strategy Plan is based on the analysis of your organization’s documentation, information gained from the on- and off-site interviews, as well as the UX and Peer Marketing research. BIG will identify both digital gaps and opportunities, provide a strategic digital roadmap based on your credit union’s capabilities, technology and processes, and use all of this information to propose an overall vision, strategy and “next steps” to implement the Digital Strategy Plan.
The Capabilities Assessment begins with an analysis of the current digital capabilities of your credit union’s teams and departments that is then used to identify opportunities and future capability needs. Based on documentation analysis and on- and off-site interviews, BIG will provide an analysis of your credit union’s people, processes and technology, as well as an analysis of your organizational culture.
The Infrastructure Assessment provides an overview of the information technology environment as it relates to digital strategy.
G will deliver a Digital Roadmap that contains a summary of the Peer Competitive research, roadmaps and governance that aligns with your credit union’s digital vision. BIG will provide recommendations to implement a Digital Plan that may encompass changes to existing operations, digital strategy, current integrations, vendors and technology, as well as to provide a framework to discuss the budget for a digital strategy.
BIG will present an analysis of how your credit union’s members use your digital services based on feedback from the on-site interviews with your team members.

Free Digital Strategy Assessment

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